Wedding Gown


Take care of your wedding gown!

Do you remember how beautiful your wedding gown was at your wedding?  Now, its time to think and plan for the future. What are you planning to do with your lovely gown? Did you hang it in your closet after the wedding? And more importantly, is it still hanging there, uncleaned and unprotected? Before you put your gown away, here are a few suggestions.


Have your gown completely cleaned before storage!

  • Perspiration, food, or beverage stains on the gown which are invisible now will become  visible during storage.

  • Dont be unhappily surprised years from now by permanent yellow or brown stains. Clean it now and play it safe!

Remove any rubberized perspiration shields and other padding which can deteriorate and cause stains.

Point out any spills on the gown to your cleaner, especially champagne or any
colorless stain that could go unnoticed.

Do not store your gown in the basement- dampness can cause mildew.

  • The attic is not recommended either; it's too hot in the summer. Protect your gown from light and avoid fading or discoloration. Keep your gown in a cool, dry, dark place. Special protective boxes are available for the storage of wedding gowns. These keep the gown clean, safe, and fresh for many years.

If you follow these guidelines, your gown will be just as lovely when your daughter wishes to wear it at her own wedding. If properly handled, a gown can be an heirloom for future generation. We want you to protect your investment. Have your gown professionally cleaned and stored.